Tuesday September 19 , 2017
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Language Lab

In addition to the traditional classroom environment, instruction at the ELC is supported by two digitalized Language Labs (with a total capacity of 96 students). This technology increases the students’ exposure to genuine real-time voice interaction, greatly enhancing the learning process. The Lab is frequently used for ELC classes, and is also open to students for independent and self-directed study.

Among the many advantages of this Language Lab are:

  • Multimedia Broadcasting: Enables teachers to directly broadcast multimedia courseware and DVD video information onto students’ terminals.
  • Real-time Voice Interaction: Achieves the goal of not only having dialogues among students and the teacher, but also team discussions between 2, 3, or 4 students.
  • Student Terminal Control: Allows teachers to access and control the content of student terminals so as to monitor progress.
  • Professional Operations: Includes special keyboards at each terminal, allowing students to operate all the functions in a fast and convenient way, including speed changing, repeating, re-listening, playing, recording, and answer selection.
  • Paper-free Testing: Facilitates paper-free testing, covering listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translating. Especially for standard verbal tests, the paper marking system perfectly meets the requirements of TOEFL, TEM 4 and 8, as well as CET 4 and 6.

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