Tuesday September 19 , 2017
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Placement Test



English Placement Test at Shantou University

The English Placement Test is administered to all incoming students at the beginning of the fall semester, every year. The purpose is to determine students’ overall English proficiency levels in four skills areas (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) upon entering the ELC program, so as to ensure the appropriateness of their placement within one of the ELC’s seven levels. Cut scores are then determined by using standard statistical procedures.

Upon entering the program, students’ abilities range from having only basic knowledge of the alphabet to being able to understand and comment on advanced level texts. The Placement Test is essential to the process of separating learners based on their ability and knowledge by course level. Since its addition to the ELC curriculum, it has made it far easier to ensure that students are being taught at appropriate levels and that they are surrounded by peers at a similar stage of English language learning.




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