Monday September 25 , 2017
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The ELC Mission

The English Language Center at Shantou University is dedicated to teaching excellence and providing a supportive language learning environment, in which students can develop their communicative competence and critical thinking strategies through both curricular and co-curricular activities in a vibrant, creative, and intellectual community.

v Proficiency:

We help students develop functional skills to prepare them for the challenges of using English in academic courses and professional life.



v Autonomy:

We help students become independent language learners who are both motivated to build their own English skills and know how to do so.



v Sustainability:

We help students to develop the habit of using English in their daily lives, so that they will continue to use and build their English skills after graduation.



v  Intercultural Competence:

We help students learn to interact effectively in English when communicating with people from other cultures.



v  Critical Thinking:

We help students not only understand what they read and hear in English, but also critically analyze and respond to it; we help students learn not only to express their views in English, but do so clearly and persuasively.


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