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CILL is a conjunction of language-learning resources matched to the student’s level of English competence.


Self-study materials that take advantage of the interactive and readily updatable capacities of computer- and internet-based formats.  Meeting spaces for teachers and students, for consultation, for work on course projects, for club and staff meetings, for seminars and guest speakers.




Services and tutoring to address specific language-learning challenages and needs.



An attractive, relaxed, enjoyable, yet immersive and serious environment concentrating culturally-rich materials (books, periodicals, newspapers, music, DVDs) in a single location dedicated to important study and essential improvement, cross-cultural communication, the development of intercultural sensitivity, the development of capable and informed world citizens.


Organized and meaningful access—to teachers, to peers engaged in the same pursuits, to resources, to the world outside STU and outside China.


A brief tour of CILL:


·         Lobby Our lobby will be our general information portal, but it also must be an invitation. A large LED screen will display, among other things, the day’s schedule and room reservations, the day’s teacher office hours, the names of teachers present and available for consultation, student-generated materials of interest, and newly arrived or highlighted CILL materials. Physical displays of those new or featured materials, or materials organized into monthly or holiday themes will also greet visitors. At the adjoining Reception Counter, at least one CILL staff member will always be present.


·         Teachers’ Lounge and Reference Room Here all ELC faculty reference materials will be gathered and displayed for easy use. Teachers will also use the space for preparation of lesson plans


·         Multi-Media Area With the Reading and Individual Practice areas, the Multi-Media Area is the heart of the self-study capacity of CILL. The PCs at each of 32 desks will all run our general language-learning software (a multi-level package like Rosetta Stone, Transparent Language or Tell Me More); all or, likely, some (depending on price and demand) of the stations will host language software addressing more specific learning needs (writing, pronunciation, vocabulary building, test preparation, business English). Online books, DVDs and CDs and the Internet will all be accessed here—popular items made more friendly to our purposes through a careful pre-assessment of their difficulty levels or through suggestions for their efficient, learning goal-oriented use. The Multi-Media Area will also include an additional four PC-equipped stations for student self-testing.


·         Individual Practice Area Likewise equipped with PCs at each of its ten desks, the enclosed Individual Practice Area will offer a venue and the necessary software for noisier language-learning needs: pronunciation and other speaking practice, voice and accent training (the latter two typically with the assistance of a voice teacher).

 ·         Reading Area For the free, comfortable use of CILL’s entire collection of books. Initial book orders this summer will select from lists of award-winning fiction and non-fiction (Printz- and Alex-Award winners among them), works aimed at secondary-school level or young adult audiences, each volume level-differentiated and marked to encourage and enable students to more comfortably and productively explore and enjoy some of the better materials available in English. Subsequent orders will answer particular student and teacher requests, fill out our collection of easy and higher-graded readers, or extend the collection to include works appropriate to advanced readers up through the postgraduate level. The Reading Area will also feature a selection of periodicals, journals and newspapers, graphic novels and other print-based materials in English.


·         Eight individual Tutoring Rooms ELC faculty office hours will be conducted here, as will tutoring of students with special needs in listening, speaking, reading and writing.


·         Two (smaller) Group Study Rooms, One (larger) Meeting Room, one Seminar Room (the latter two rooms equipped with projectors and separated by a retractable wall) These will be the permanent home to established groups practicing more formal uses of English—debate, critical and persuasive speaking, etc. They will also be available, by reservation, for CILL and ELC staff meetings, as well as meetings of other STU departments or campus groups.






Other important points:


·         CILL will serve all STU students who wish to improve their English or who seek help with specific English needs.


·         Housed in the new library building, CILL will be open the same hours, and will make use of library resources as well as its own.


·         There will always be at least two CILL staff members on the premises.


·         CILL will open this coming fall term, in time for student orientation, but on a reduced scale. All computer hardware and software, and most of our first year’s DVDs and reading material will arrive during fall term. CILL will be fully functioning by spring of 2011.


·         Beyond this coming school year, we will be adding other services: a writing center, language skills workshops, other languages—like Putonghua, Yue-yu, Minnan-hua, Chaoshan-hua (for both students and teachers), French, Japanese, etc.


·         This summer we are busy determining the final organization of CILL and ordering all the necessary components. We will also be contacting universities in Hong Kong, on the mainland, and in the US to establish ongoing communication and cooperation and information exchanges with them.




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